Speaker John Boehner becomes PAC-man, raises millions for the NRCC

Speaker John Boehner really knows how to raise a lot of money in a short period of time — to help his fellow Republicans win their respectives races, of course. So far, through various fundraising appearances, Speaker Boehner has racked up a whopping $80 million for the coffers of the National Republican Congressional Committee. Boehner has also donated $4.1 million from his own campaign war chest to the NRCC. That’s a LOT of moola to toss around. And this is just the beginning – the Speaker has 100 more fundraisers to headline in this cycle alone. Gee, could Boeher close in on the half billion mark before November? Just think of how much health care that could buy, not to mention fixing roads and bridges. But, hey, priorities, you know.

Why the sudden money-raising frenzy by Team Boehner, especially when the GOP cabal must think American voters believe Congressional Republicans are doing such a hunky-dorie job in the House? Well, perhaps the Speaker is paying attention to the polls they don’t want you to see. Maybe House Republicans have some (finally!) aggressive Democratic challengers. Of course, this is the yadda-yadda-yadda spin given by Cory Fritz, a Boehner spokesman:

“Millions of Americans continue to struggle in the Obama economy, and they are looking to Speaker Boehner and House Republicans to keep fighting to create a better environment for jobs by preventing tax hikes, repealing ObamaCare, cutting spending and eliminating excessive federal red tape. Speaker Boehner appreciates the support he’s received from across the country, and he’ll continue working tirelessly to return the conservative House majority that’s focused on jobs and the economy.”

Conveniently, they left out the part about focusing on controlling women’s uteri, preventing gay people from getting married, pulling stunts like the debt ceiling fiasco which caused the U.S.’s credit rating to be downgraded… Because, you know, those are just the things that will fix this horrible economy, right?

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