Um, spammers…can we talk?

Look. It’s like this: DO NOT ask me if you can quote anything in my posts…particularly the ‘dummy’ first posts. What would you possibly want to quote, anyway? How about ‘Testing, testing, testing’ or ‘Wow! My first blog post!’ or ‘Hello world!” or…well, hopefully you get the point. Oh, and don’t think that I’m flattered by your lame-assed ‘comment,’ “I wish I could find informative websites such as yours!.”  Yeah, right. Perhaps you should find an ‘informative website’ to help you in constructing grammatical sentences. Here’s a snippet of advice (not that I want to HELP you, mind): Bad grammar and severely mangled English is a direct tip-off that I’ve been visited by a spammer.

You bozos use the same frakkin’ cut ‘n paste screed every time. And, you know, the .ru in your email addies tells me one thing: VIRUS!!!!! (I’m on a Mac, but I also work with a PC, and I had a malware breach a couple of years ago which caused me to be wary of anything coming from the Eastern Bloc or China, as it were.)

Here’s the deal: Don’t bother to ask me for quotes, period. And, yeah, I realize most spammers don’t actually read these blog posts,  that they use bots to locate and automatically post their Google-Language-Mangler-translated English comments (dead giveaway, btw).

So, spammers, I’m on to you. I know what you’re all up to. I will delete your ‘comments’. Okay? Was that helpful?

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