Pee-Wee Romney to Obama: “I’m an outsourcer and so are you!”

The media, in paroxysms of glee, are reporting the latest in the Mitt Romney campaign’s ‘defense disguised as offense’ maneuvers, that Romney is “hitting hard” against the Obama campaign by calling the President “Outsourcer-in-Chief.” Eh, that’s more like a slap fight than a direct fist to the jaw.

Several sources, including Politifact and the Washington Post Fact Checker, have found most of the ‘facts’ contained in Romney’s latest attack ads to be either outright fiction or pieced-together sound bites. Romney has said that the jobs cut by Bain Capital on his watch were not outsourced, but off shored. Really? So…did Bain Capital ship those axed workers to an atoll somewhere in order to give them their jobs back? Is that how it went down? Once again, the Romney campaign is dressing this pig of an ad campaign in semantics and hoping it’ll fly – but that pig ain’t flying past my office window any time soon.

Mitt Romney has constantly reminded us that Barack Obama has no business experience…you know, like cutting jobs and forcing the remaining workers to pick up the slack for less pay and benefits, thus increasing profits for upper management and the shareholders. That kind of business experience. But, wait! Wasn’t Obama’s predecessor a businessman? Oops. Don’t want to mention that in the stump speeches, right?

To be fair, both parties have yammered on about the evils of outsourcing (conveniently during election years), yet nothing has been done to stop it, or slow it down. The problem is that Congress has never followed through in offering tax incentives to companies that return manufacturing and tech jobs back to the U.S. That said, they’ll be taking ski reservations in hell before I’d trust a serial outsourcer like Mitt Romney to bring those jobs back.

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