About the WiseAss

The Wiseass (in another incarnation) began an online journal in June of 2000 after having been laid off from what would be a final cubicle job.

The ‘old’ days, when Blogger was a mere infant application and most journalers were still doing it old school. Yep, using a homemade template and each journal entry meant creating a new page, manual links and navigation.Well, the whole process became a bit tedious after a while and the Wiseass had to close the journal two years later. So, basically, the Wiseass was ahead, yet is now behind. Does that even make a tincture of sense to you?

And, no, there will be no direct links to the Wiseass’s original online journal (it’s still out there if anyone is curious enough for a web scavenger hunt). Mostly because the Wiseass is embarrassed to admit that the Wiseass initially used…cough…sputter…Microsoft FrontPage as a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Well, in FrontPage’s case it would be WTFWTFWTF. Anyway, the Wiseass eventually got smart and began using Dreamweaver (sigh…back when it was owned by Macromedia…sigh). On occasion a ‘blast from the past’ entry will be published…because they’ve all languished on that undisclosed server for so long.